Sunday, 10 November 2013

Phil Sparham Collection

These are from Phil's collection which I have recently photographed covering names outside the East Midlands.
See my other blog for his E.M's bricks.

N C B Hall End started life as Morris & Shaw Ltd. who operated Birch Coppice Collieries at Polesworth near Tamworth. Locally the main pit was known as Hall End. The brickworks are recorded of being in operation in 1940 & again in 1947 at the time of nationalisation.

The company was first started by Benjamin North in 1863, he was joined by Pflaum in 1898 to form North & Pflaum of Wortley, Leeds. They are recorded in Trade Directories 1898, 1908, 1911/12 & 1922. In the 1908 edition they are listed as  making white & coloured glazed bricks at Wortley Firebrick Works, Upper Wortley Road, Leeds. Info by Phillip Rothery.

The Twentywell Brickworks at Bradway, Sheffield, was adjacent to the railway cutting off Twentywell Lane & was in operation from 1875 to the 1950s.


One of the many recorded examples from this brickworks which was adjacent to Lidgett Colliery, Barnsley.

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